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Brand advertising has never been more fragmented. Finding your audience is increasingly more difficult. But the shift of brands publishing their own content has provided new opportunities for brands to make their marketing dollars go further and create experiences their customers appreciate. The Q gamification platform creates ‘can’t miss’ moments for your audience, migrates users off social media to your owned channels, and drives sales at the same time. 


Brahma is the most popular beer brand in Brazil and partnered with The Q to deliver interactive experiences to their audience. Leveraging existing relationships with football personality @Fred and sponsorship with Brazilian futball, Brahma pulled these audiences over to their own channel to host a sports related quiz show where winners were rewarded with branded products and discounts.

Collect valuable first party data.

  • Create unique and interactive branded experiences.

  • Compete for branded prizes.

  • Help drive direct sales.

  • Longform engagement platform.

  • Collect valuable first party data.

  • Migrate audiences over from social channels.

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