Generate Revenue While Providing a Fun Experience

Media Companies Need to Innovate

Broadcasters and media organizations need to innovate, they have been the same for too long and have recently started to see declining revenues year after year. Media companies and broadcasters across the globe have used our platform to collect first party data, drive subscription revenue and sell additional advertisements all while providing their audience with a fun and engaging experience.

Subscription Driver for Mail+

DMG Media, the largest media organisation in the UK, approached us to create a web-based live trivia experience for their users to keep them entertained during the COVID lockdown in April 2020. We not only provided the technology here but also managed the entire production of the games.

Collect valuable first party data.

  • Provide a flexible solution that can be adapted to any platform or device.

  • Increase advertising inventory.

  • Help drive subscriptions.

  • Provide unique experiences to viewers.

  • Collect valuable first party data.

  • Help monetize content.

"The team at The Q were professionals and delivered best in class technology. Timelines were promptly met and they continued to innovate and improve the platform, adding functionality that improved the game experience. They were excellent collaborators, eager to solve problems and make improvements together."
David McLean
General Manager News Production

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