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Fan Engagement

Sports teams are fortunate to have a built in fan base who want to be part of the action. But finding ways to solve the fan’s desire to participate and engage with the players and coaches has been limited. The Q enables live, interactive experiences and engagement between players, coaches, broadcasters, and the fans they serve, making memorable experiences for your best fans and providing access to the stars in a safe and scalable manner.

Case Study: The Fan Exam

Learfield/IMG College wanted to engage fans during the Covid-19 affected football season. Hosted by Mike Golic, The Fan Exam, an interactive sports quiz, was distributed across all Learfield/IMG College’s university websites. Local leaderboards were built for each university to have their own sponsors and prizes and players competed for larger cash prizes on a national level.

Collect valuable first party data.

  • Give fans increased access to their favorite players.

  • New advertising revenue opportunities.

  • Keep fans engaged, even in the off-season.

  • Tie gamification into the team performance on the field/court

  • Collect valuable first party data.

  • Help monetize content.

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