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We offer opportunities to connect and engage with your brand's audience in a meaningful way with custom interactive experiences on both web and mobile platforms.

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Now available as a responsive web player!

Engagement in your app is easier than ever

The Q Kit is our very own SDK, supported on both iOS and Android native apps (with web coming soon!) that allows you to drive audience engagement through live interactive games in your custom app. Simply plug The Q Kit into your existing app, add your own branding and content, and play!

Much More Than Just Trivia

The Q Kit offers a variety of different game and question types allowing our partners to power any type of interactive experience imaginable

Multiple Interactive Formats

The Q Kit has a variety of different offerings to suit your business and product needs. We've done everything from white labeled apps to brand partnerships. What's more - we've executed in countries all across the world!

Know and Manage Your Players

Manage your game schedule, rewards, questions and gameplay from start to finish to create an optimal mobile experience for your company and audience alike. Full access to all historical stats on answers, % right and other user metrics is available, allowing you to provide the best possible experience to your user base.

Teleprompter Tool

Our custom teleprompter tool allows your hosts to not only see their script and prompts, but also to see relevant live stats needed to engage with your audience.

Second Screen Capability

Don't compete with the smartphone - use it to your advantage! Our second screen capability allows you to integrate a variety of live game shows, playable on your mobile device, into your broadcast. From live sports trivia to live polls, incentivize audience engagement with your content by bringing the second screen to the party.

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Share Your Message

We provide you with the opportunity to place messaging and offers to your users at multiple touch points both outside and during the experience.

Reliable Streaming Technology

Video at scale is no easy task. We’ve solved this issue by building a platform leveraging our proprietary live video stack, a technology that has been used to power some of the largest live broadcasts of all time.

  • Built to support large audiences - Amazon cloud based stack built to allocate dedicated and secure servers for each of our partners’ games.
  • All-in-one Solution - Our Proprietary, highly-scalable, media server infrastructure optimized to handle limited networks with no third-party dependancies.
  • Data is Protected - Data exchange is protected using bidirectional https encryption on all data transfer.
  • Access is Secured - Access is controlled using token based authentication via trusted shared third parties and independent verification of each request for authenticity.

Ready To Supercharge your app with Live Interaction?

Then what are you waiting for? See how The Q can provide an interactive consumer experience for your brand, business or media organization today!

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