Case Study

IQ - India

Scaleable Anywhere

Viaan Industries is a Bollywood production company based in India that sought to leverage their talent in a live game show application; however, they required a solution that could withstand a scale of one million+ daily users in an environment often plagued by poor internet connectivity. Using The Q’s white label solution, The Q Kit, Viann Industries created iQ, a live trivia game show that could handle high-scale video production, support high-latency territories and work in any environment, regardless of internet connection quality.


Viann Industries needed to grow their presence in the Entertainment industry using an interactive mobile platform that could withstand a high scale and support high-latency areas.


The Q Kit, our white label administration platform, allowed Viann Industries to build and produce their own live trivia app featuring their Bollywood talent. On-site training was provided to the team, as well as continuous support from The Q’s US headquarters. Scaling for millions of concurrent users is no easy task; however, using proprietary live streaming technology built by The Q, high-scale and high-latency scenarios were supported at all times. This allowed Viann Industries to focus on producing a high quality app that could showcase their talents and attract more users.


Viann Industries’ iQ leveraged our white label solution, as well as our proprietary live streaming tools, to produce an exciting new platform that could handle the technological challenges thrown its way. Millions of concurrent users participated in daily trivia games featuring top Bollywood talent without feeling the impacts of high-latency environments.

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