Case Study

NASA Eclipse 2017


In August 2017, Stream worked with the NASA Grant Program to launch 55 weather balloons that would float up to the atmosphere to livestream and record the curvature of the Earth while the sun and moon crossed paths during the Solar Eclipse.

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NASA needed a solution that would allow their balloons to livestream the event uninterrupted, and in high quality, to multiple media endpoints.


Stream supported all video distribution to ensure smooth delivery of the eclipse to NASA’s audience of 7 million+ people. This entailed supporting 50+ feeds going to multiple digital properties and an auto-scaling infrastructure able to support millions of concurrent viewers. A custom site was built to deliver live video content automatically, and real-time curation was available to send live feeds directly to Livestreaming from a moving device at a distance of up to 100,000 ft was made possible by equipping the weather balloons with an attached payload of tracking devices, transmitters, and Raspberry Pi cameras inside. The ground station for each team had a satellite and computer to communicate with the balloon as it rose high into the atmosphere


Over 7 million people viewed the livestreams of the weather balloons floating up to the atmosphere without suffering any lag or uptime issues. NASA and Stream also enjoyed the benefit of the joint site going viral with media coverage and acclaim.

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