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News UK

News Corp UK Leverages White Label “Q Kit” Solution to Increase Advertising Revenue

News Corp UK is a British publisher that some of the area’s most well-known newspapers call home. Being an ever-expanding major player in the publishing world, they needed a way to increase their advertising inventory while reaching a larger audience. The Q was able to provide this extra advertising inventory by white labeling its product for use by News Corp UK, allowing them to create all of their own content specific to the platform. The result? Q Live, an interactive trivia game show fully run and produced by News Corp UK with support from The Q’s home base in the US.


News Corp UK needed to increase their ad inventory in a way that captured their audience’s attention, allowing their existing advertisers to be placed in front of a hyper-engaged crowd.


The Q Kit, which is The Q’s white label administration platform, enabled the News Corp UK team to capitalize on increased audience engagement and revenue through daily trivia games on mobile devices. In-app time slots were available for purchase to advertising partners who wished to create a trivia game focused on their brand. These brand-specific games allowed for more opportunities to sell advertisements and, in turn, increase advertising revenue. News Corp UK was provided with on-site Q Kit training, as well as continuous support from The Q’s US headquarters.


News Corp UK’s Q Live leveraged our white label solution to provide a popular platform on which their audience enthusiastically participates. Advertising partners have been able to capitalize on this large, engaged user base via purchasable in-app time slots to increase advertising revenue for the company.

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