Game Shows

The Future of Game Shows is Here

Gaming creates a new way to reach your audience.

Trivia game shows are where we started back in 2016 as when we launched our first app with major media conglomerate News UK.

They were looking to offer an HQ Trivia style experience across their brands The Sun, The Times, and Talk Sport to provide a new revenue stream for their business and help them acquire new users that were previously not interacting with their brand.

Game shows are the most common use of the platform and are used in the world of sports, conferences, education, TV, and more. We started with just trivia but now offer many game types to suit any content need imaginable.

Keep People Coming Back Everyday

After working with partners across many different industries we have seen one constant user behavior over and over again and that is people come back every single day which increases overall retention to a brand's website or mobile app and increases the LTV of users on the platform.

Users come back because of fun engaging games and by taking advantage of our seasonal leaderboards capability that incentivizes users to come back each day to rank higher among their friends and to earn unique prizes.

Trivia, Family Feud, Wagering, Points & More!

Everyone has played trivia on their phone before, wether its Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Trivia Crack, Family Feud, or something else. They each have their own rules to determine who wins and who gets eliminated, how long you have to answer the question and much more. We have built the platform to support almost any game type or format imaginable, if you have an idea for a game show there is a good chance you can power it all with our technology.

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