Sports Gambling

Changing The Way People Watch Live Sports

Low Latency Streaming + In-Play Bets

Combining our proprietary low latency streaming technology and interactive technology we are opening the doors for the future of OTT broadcasting by enabling broadcasters and teams to create a game within a game. In-play bets are the future of sports gambling and offer a higher value to operators while providing a more lean in experience for participators. Historically this has always been a challenge for broadcasters but because of our ability to deliver a synchronized low latency live stream the stream itself can now have an interactive layer.

Predictor Games Drive Engagement & Retention

Sports gambling is exploding across the US and other parts of the world and teams and leagues are dipping their toes into the space with free to play games to drive engagement and revenue. We offer a variety of game formats for teams, leagues, and broadcasters they can offer a fully asynchronous experience where users select picks before a game begins.

They also have the option to create a truly lean in experience where questions are continually generated while the game is in progress and we offer the clients the ability to wager points on each question. Predictor games capture attention for a long period of time making it a very valuable sponsorship asset for our partners leveraging our offering.

Create a Game Within a Game

Teams and broadcasters are actively using our platform to drive app installs and website hits while building up their first party database. The number one way they are driving eyeballs is by creating a game within a game. This video example is demonstrating two hosts live commentating a game asking predictor questions throughout it and giving out prizes to those with the most prizes at the end of the games.

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